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Law Enforcement man & Corporate man

Resume Writing and Coaching from the Public to the Private Sector


Transitioning to the corporate world is tough for most people. You've built a career in the public sector and starting over in the private sector is intimidating. Rest assured that you have the knowledge and skills to succeed. Let's ensure that your specialized experience is articulated and translated into corporate terminology so that you can land that dream job.

Eric Vento, CPP of Government to Private offers firsthand knowledge to help you bridge the gap and specializes in providing professional services to law enforcement, military, intelligence community, teachers, and individuals lateraling from corporate to corporate positions.

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I get it because I’ve been there. I had a really tough transition into corporate work, but it has enabled me to build out a proven path that can lead you to success. I know it works because over five hundred public servants have transitioned successfully into the corporate sector with my help.

What sets me apart from other resume writers is that I want to partner with you in this process, understand your story, translate your unique experience, and empower you to succeed in the corporate world.  


Megan McDonald Review Picture

"What makes Eric different from the rest is how much he emphasizes connections and relationships. He makes the process personal by connecting with his clients and connecting them with others. The timeline was fast and he went over everything with me to make sure I was comfortable and understood what he did."

Megan McDonald
Gregory S Review Picture

"Eric helped me realize how little I actually knew about the corporate world. Like many others in the law enforcement field, I was used to applying to jobs through civil service testing, which is much different. You can tell by talking with Eric that he is both knowledgeable and passionate about helping others succeed."

Gregory S.
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