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Customized Third-Party Recruiting Services 

Finding The Quality Candidates You're Looking For

Let us help you find the talent you would never find on LinkedIn or job boards. G2P works closely with clients to define critical factors for successful placement across multiple areas of expertise. We'll leverage personal networks to uncover highly qualified passive and active candidates who meet your selection criteria. 

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What We Offer

Below Are Client Testimonials

John Manning | T-Mobile

I just finished hiring my final person of my new first responder team. It wasn’t easy. That is until Eric entered the picture. I learned of Eric via a candidate interview. The candidate, whom I hired, had the most impressive resume I had yet to see. The candidate said I needed to connect with Eric as the guy is a machine! And was he ever right. Eric not only produces the most amazing résumé’s but he goes above and beyond in helping his clients. Eric was getting me solid candidates for all of my open positions. So many, that I had to ask if he was a headhunter and seeking a finders fee.
Eric’s response was “I can get paid for that?” I immediately liked him. The fact that he did this, not for profit, but for his passion to help other first responders was nothing short of commendable. I cannot endorse him enough. Way to go Eric. You are an amazing person.

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